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Full Body Workout

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

A training video of how I have been training over the last 2 months ft a Physic Update. I am no bodybuilder nor do I have a desire to be but I feel I have been able to make good progress being on a strictly plant based diet and simply putting in the mahi.

Workout is below - Shoutout to Harrison Hata

BB Squat 5x5

Alternating Leg Extension 3x12

Alternating Incline DB Press + Around the World 3x12

Weighted Pull Ups 3x6

DB Row with Drop Set (to lighter weight) 3x12

Lying Front Delt Raises + Ez Bar Upshot 3x12

Audio: Garry Vee

Youtube - The Last Video You Have To Watch In 2017

The background audio is what I listen too while I train, I have stepped away from music and have been intentional with listening to podcast. Training my mind while I train my body - seems fitting and it is working very well for me!

I hope this video helps and adds value to you and your journey in some the of way.

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