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One Week Off Social Media

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

I lost a fitness challenge a month ago as I didn't stay strong throughout the duration of the 8 weeks challenge. There were pillars set in place to keep myself accountable such as, having at least six workouts per week, only one treat meal per week and writing in a food diary everyday. Things were going great until week 6, this is when my workload increased as a event took place here in Whakatane where I planned to set up my food stall Tupuānuku for the entire weekend. Working with food requires a lot of energy and because everything went into the event I didn' t train nor did I eat healthy, so because of this I failed! The consequence of failing the 8 week challenge meant that I would spend one week off social media.

I rely on social media for business updates as well as for my own personal brand. Social apps are powerful resources that can be used to take things to new levels for both personal and business. I thought I would struggle but in all honesty it was great. It was awesome to disconnect and put the time I would waste on scrolling into other things, like reading, studying and being more present. Another thing that I noticed was that I wasn't consuming worthless content which I believe made my mind a lot more clearer and I could be more intentional with what I focused on. I spent so much more time in my thoughts where I came to the realisation that I need to restructure Tupuānuku and my approach to the food I serve. I also had uplifting conversations with like minded people which really gave me the confidence into taking a step down a new path, which I am totally pumped for! (Sorry I can't say yet :P)

Over the past two days I have been back on social media and I don't feel I have missed out on anything nor did I miss it, but the habit of opening up a social app is still there.

I guess the point of this blog post was to share my experience and learnings of failing a challenge as well as having a detox off social media. They both ended up being blessings in disguise and seeds have been planted of maybe doing a social media detox every month.

I will finish with my final thoughts - "Sometimes the things we think we may struggle with end up turning into a extreme positive or a good experience. So always be open, choose to be optimistic and no matter what keep moving forward!"

Ngā mihi,


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