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Mushroom & Tomato Penne Pasta

It's winter - so that means it is cold and comfort food seems to always be the go to. Luckily I have just the thing to tick all of the boxes for a good winter meal. It's warm hearty and delicious.

I hardly ever eat pasta, but lately it seems to be the thing that I have been craving. So I have been exploring different recipes that I will soon share, but I will start with this dish. This was the first time I have made this and it came out really good. My girlfriend gave it a 10/10 (unsure if she was just being nice), but it will be something for you to decide.

Serves Four


- Cherry tomato x 2 cup

- Mushroom x 1 cup

- Garlic x 8 cloves

- Onion x 1/2 onion

- Chilli x 1 or half

- Veggie stock x 4 cubes

- Oat milk x 2 cups

- Penne pasta x 3/4 of 500g packet

- Olive oil

- Corn flower


  1. Put water into big pot and bring to the boil then add penne pasta.

  2. Chop onions, garlic and chilli then add to wok with olive oil and heat for 5 mins before adding sliced mushrooms and tomatoes.

  3. Crush veggie cubes into bowl and add two cups of hot water until it’s a gravy like consistency then add to the wok - let the ingredients soak up the flavours before adding two more cups of hot water and two cups of oat milk.

  4. Add corn flower to the mixture to thicken or until desired consistency

  5. Once pasta is cooked strain with cold water then add to the wok

  6. Serve with fresh bread or hot oven buns

  7. Remember to ALWAYS taste as you go!!

Simple and easy - Enjoy fam.

Ngā mihi,


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