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If You Want To Take The Island Then Burn Your Boats

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

With my growing passion for entrepneurship and after a conversation with my boss I have moved to a casual position, where I will now only work if cover is needed. This means I will no longer have rostered days or regular income! I am sure we all feel the same that money provides a sense of security, but I have come to the realisation that time should be valued most if the vision I have for my life and Tupuānuku is to be fulfilled.

In this context, the burning boat is my regular income and the island is my business Tupuānuku.

Sure, I may not have much money but to be fair I don’t have any bills and I have support from my family to live rent-free until I get myself into a position where I can afford too. This makes me extremely uncomfortable, as I want to be independent and not rely on anyone but I am prepared to put myself through the short-term hardships so my family and I can enjoy the long-term benefits. I have come to understand that growth is beyond our comfort zone, and if growth is something you wish to see in your life than your comfort zones needs to be challenged. The risk of not doing so can keep you sheltered from the potential that is in you to do great things. Burning my boat of regular income is exercising that thought and challenging my own comfort zone.

I am still young and I feel that Tupuānuku deserves all of my energy as I feel extremely connected to this lifestyle that has added substance to my life, but more importantly it has the potential to create some significant and transformative changes into the lives of others. Besides, if it doesn't work out and worse comes to worse I can always go back and do what I was doing. But at this point I don't want to give myself that option. The only option is to take the island!

What will I do with the days I would usually be earning money? How will I maximise my time? My answer to both of those is that I have no other choice but to put in the damn work.

A special acknowledgement going out to my awesome boss and good friend Eli Barnfield who has been supportive from the get go. Whenever I needed time off it was given, he attends my food markets, purchases my products and is a all round good person that genuinely cares for his employees.

"If you want to take the island then burn your boats"

Ngā mihi,



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