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How I Do My Food Shopping

When starting out on a journey towards becoming healthier people tend to feel that a lot of money needs to be spent to sustain a healthy diet. I feel there is a misconception around this topic and I believe that it is only expensive if you make it expensive. It also depends on your perspective and approach.

You can minimise costs, by shopping at local produce stores, supermarkets that have the best specials, buying produce that is in season and writing a shopping list.

A thought comes to mind constantly when I am buying food, that if the food is going to fuel my body and provide me with energy to sustain me throughout the day then I believe it is a great investment. Money spent now on good nutritional food is going to save you more money in your later years, as the likelihood of paying medical bills is very high.

This brings me to another point. There are some people who are not conscious about the fact that we will all someday get old! The quality of our later years will be determined by the care we put into ourselves now. So put the effort into looking after yourself and fork out for the slightly more expensive produce but be mindful that there are ways to cut cost.

Another thing that I mention in this video is the minimising of plastic. This is something that drives me nuts!! Plastic is good for nothing, plastic has such a negative impact on the environment and sea life. It is absolutely everywhere! Refusing to use plastic bags I believe is something that every single person can do. Buy reusable bags and if you forget them buy more or do what I have done, carry groceries in my arms. Buy produce bags (from most health stores or online) or use brown paper bags that can be found by the mushrooms, or simply just place produce in your trolley. Take action and make a contribution to the wellness of our environment.

I express a few tips in this video of shopping at the local produce store. Total spent was $124.00, however this was not included in the video as this shopping was for my Tupuānuku Food Market. I would generally spend up to $80 a week on food.

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