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Māori and Alcohol Free

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

I have been alcohol free for 14 months and after a lot of thought I have decided to commit to zero alcohol for a further 5 years.

Last year I made the choice to be alcohol free for 12 months. This was not an easy choice to make as alcohol was a big part of my life. I was literally the person who would get the party started.

In September 2016 a friend and I made a bet to be alcohol free for eight weeks because we both wanted to make some changes in our lives. The bet was if any alcohol was consumed during the eight week period the person had to give the other $150 gift voucher from a sport outlet and a weeks worth of groceries. The reward gave me the drive and motivation to be committed to this challenge. I wish I could say the same for my mate.... My hard work paid off and I won the bet. I was proud of myself and the personal growth I attained was significant. I achieved good physical results, I utilised my time better, my mind was clearer, I connected with amazing people and opportunities began to happen in my life.

This challenge then got me thinking, if I could feel this great just after eight weeks of zero alcohol, imagine how I would feel after 12 months. I also looked into ways that would be of help to me with this transition.Things like, the negative affects of alcohol - how much money I spent, how bad I felt the next day, terrible eating habits, the person I became and the mistakes I made. It even went deeper to realising that alcohol is a cause of many deaths and illnesses in our society.

My culture and people suffer from alcohol abuse and today my driving force is the youth work I do throughout New Zealand. As a proud Māori male standing in front of rangatahi I am able to provide them with the alternative choice, that they too can be alcohol free!!!

I am a firm believer that our children copy what we do and we as adults are whom they look up to. As well as sharing my thoughts I am also doing my part for the next generation.


Ngā mihi,


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